Face Waxing

Female Facial Hair Removal by Waxing

Traditional method for removing facial hair. An alternative to facial hair removal by threading.

We use a quality professional wax and strips to remove your facial hair. Creme or Tea Tree strip wax is used depending upon your skin type and preference.

We will apply a pre-treatment using powders and/or lotion to ensure an almost pain-free experience and a post-treatment lotion or Aloe Vera gel to minimise and reduce any after treatment redness.

Great Value from Just £3.

EyeBrows waxed for just £5

We are located just a short walk from Milton Keynes Shopping centre, Why not enjoy the ambience and tranquility of a beauty Salon while you get your facial waxing treatment rather than sit in the middle of a Shopping Mall.

We also have a range of special Value packages to save you money!

Face Waxing Price List